Black River

House, for Soul or Lease
The Black River Four prune some dead wood from the Circle of Thorns

The party tracked the suddenly ancient college student back to an old deserted country house in the boonies near Black River. Seeing motion, Ian abandoned caution & charged the front door, and the haunt began to play a new game, this time with more challenging prey.
The house was home to a coven of The Council of Thorns, twisted magi who use pain to fuel their magics. When their coven-leader betrayed and sacrificed the others, even his own wife, he turned himself into a ghost of considerable power. When the Ian entered his domain, he saw a rare new chance. If he could control the Gate of Geburah, he could be free of his bond to the house, yet still retain his power. Could godhood be far behind?
The Black River Four had other plans. Though separated from the others, Fiona managed to not only free a captive, but break back in, providing a way for Gunny, Ian and Father Abraham to make good their escape. Not that it was easy for the three. House house got its hooks into each of them, and they barely made it out alive with the other two captives.
Ian and Gunny swore vengeance, planning to bind the ghost long enough to destroy the house.

Experience Granted : 4

Catching Up

Current XP Total : 20

Oh, it's the car!

Our investigators delve into the rumors of the Werewolf, only to chase their tails, because what they’ve actually got is a car, a imbued car that was summoning spirits.

Experience Granted : 4

Smells Like Teen Wolf

In this session, the team gathered and began to investigate the town. Ian Porter discovered he was called here to guard a gate to hell, and rumors of animal maulings have the team looking for a werewolf.

Experience Granted : 3

Factory Rave

Our heroes, having never met, all find their way to a local rave, where there has been rumors of attendees disappearing and never returning. Abraham Azzam arrives early to setup a first aid and water station, while others arrive later.

As the party gets started, Gunny gets into a tussle with one of four Vampires who were present, and Ian Porter also sees those Vampires and realizes one of them is from his nightmares. Gunny fends off the Vampiress who then flees.

At about that same time, Ian tries to save all those present by creating a pipe burst or two, using the ambient essence of midnight. Unfortunately that essence had been planned to be used to bind a demonic summoning happening in the basement.

Fiona Ohara and Father Abraham move downstairs to look for a missing girl, and end up tussling with some guards, and finally coming face to face with the demon, who immediately runs in fear from the power of the Christ proclaimed by Father Abraham.

On the main floor, a battle ensues, with all PCs involved that culminates in Ian creating a Ward using the ambient essense, a circle, and the power of three. This holds the demon until its unbound self is banished at about sunrise.

The possessed girl is the daughter of a prominent businessman who is very thankful for the efforts to save his daughter.

4 experience points awarded.


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