Abraham Azzam


Abraham Azzam

Player: Tim Rayburn

Association: Sentinels
‘’Prayer. Those with Divine Inspiration gain +2 on all Resisted Tests or Tasks vs. any magical or supernatural attack.’’
Concept: SEAL Chaplain

Character Type: Lesser Gifted


Saved XPs 1
Spent XPs 10

Physical Attributes

Strength 3
Dexterity 4
Constitution 3

Mental Attributes

Intelligence 3
Perception 2
Willpower 5

Secondary Attributes

Life Points 49
Endurance 38
Speed 14
Essence 62


Gender Male
Age 32
Height 6’1"
Weight 205
Race White
Hair Black
Eyes Green

Qualities and Drawbacks

Name Level Cost XPs Notes
Gift 1 5
Divine Inspiration 1 5 0 Prerequisite: Gift
Hard to Kill 5 5 0
Fast Reaction Time 1 2 0
Nerves of Steel 1 3 0
Artistic Talent (Drawing) 1 3 0 Types include Painting/Drawing, Sculpture, Singing, etc.
Contacts 2 2 0
Increased Essence Pool 6 6 0 At character creation, this provides 5 essence per point. Use Increase Energy and Vital Essence to increase the starting Essence for Spirits.
Resources Drawback 2 -4 0
Attractiveness Drawback 2 -2 0


Name Level Cost XPs Notes
Brawling 2 2 0
Dodge 4 4 0
Fine Arts (Drawing) 1 1 0 Success Levels cannot exceed the number of levels in Fine Art
First Aid 2 2 0
Guns (Handgun) (Assault Rifle) 6 5 0
Hand Weapon (Knife) 2 2 0
Humanities (Christian Theology) 1 1 0 Many more types are possible.
Medicine 1 2 0
Notice 2 2 0
Stealth 3 3 0
Survival (Desert) 2 2 0
Swimming 1 1 0
Tracking 1 1 0
Climbing 1 1 0
Running (Dash) 1 1 0


Name Level Cost XPs Notes
The Touch of Healing 1 5 0
Divine Sight 1 5 0
Visions 1 0 10


Assault Rifle, 7.76 mm
Damage: D8x5(20). Range: 10/50/150/600/2000. Capacity: 20-30.
Reference: WC146.

Handgun, .45 caliber
Damage: D8x4(16). Range: 3/10/20/60/120. Capacity: 7-10.
Reference: WC146.

Large Knife
Damage: D4xStrength. Damage Type: Slashing/Stabbing.
Reference: WC144.

Class IIa Armor
Armor Value: (D6x2)+9(15). Encumbrance: None (Vest). Period: Modern.
Reference: WC147.

B.S. in Pre-Med from Notre Dame
Minor in Theological Studies

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Attended Notre Dame on a full scholarship from the Navy, served in the Navy ROTC, and studied Pre-Med and Christian Philosophy. During his training proved to be amazingly adept with weapons and in combat, he was encouraged by one of his instructors to apply for BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolitions / SEAL) training, and with his recommendation was accepted. He graduated from Notre Dame with good grades and a SPECWAR commission into the Navy.

From there he spent 8 years on a variety of covert actions for the United States military. He spent time in Afghanistan, as well as Iraq, and other middle eastern countries he is not supposed to mention. He was not a member of the SEAL team that took down Osama Bin Laden.

Seal  Team 10Serving as a Chaplain in the SEALS, having become ordained after BUD/S training, he was a Chaplain and Medic. His team, SEAL Team 10, was tasked to the Middle East from their HQ in Virginia. During one action in Afghanistan he came face to face with a clearly supernatural creature and felt the power of the Almighty move through him to stop the creature from using its vile powers. His team fought bravely, and defeated the creature, which of course has all been covered up by the government. Shortly afterwards, he was approached to join The Sentinels, and did so happily.

Having recently left the military, feeling that his calling was not to face the enemies of the USA, but rather the enemies of God, he was assigned to Black River at the “recommendation” of the Sentinels.

Abraham Azzam

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